Yalata Anangu School


About Us

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Yalata Anangu School provides students with learning opportunities that are positive, professional, open and supportive of each other. The school achieves these by working in partnership with families, community and support agencies. The school provides programs that promote active participation and outcomes for students in a safe, supportive and well resourced learning environment. Yalata Anangu School implements the 'Accelerated Literacy' approach to reading and writing for all students with the emphasis on oral language development for early years. Numeracy programming, delivery and assessment are aligned with the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability framework and incorporate 'Maths 300' activities. We recognise information and communication technology as a key learning tool. All classes utilise interactive whiteboards, computers, cameras and other technologies to deliver the curriculum. Yalata School has a strong focus on student wellbeing and a high level of flexibility in catering for students' learning and social needs.